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И вдогонку предзаказ Килл Тима:
КиллЗона леса мира смерти, 2 новых стартера для Караула Смерти и Тёмных Эльдар и кубы для них же.

Внутри стартеров стандартный набор – кусок террейна, команда, токены и карточки (11 карточек тактик – 4 из рульбука, 6 уникальных для коробки и ещё одна уникальная для террейна, плюс 2 карты миссий (1 для матчед игры, 1 для нарратива) плюс 5 датакарт).

Внутри Киллзоны – двустороннее поле, 12 карт тактик этой киллзоны (8 для всех килл тимов и оставшиеся для специалистов скаутов, ветеранов и бойцов), карта окружающей среды, 4 карты миссий (2 матчед, 2 нарратив) и вагон террейна (6 кусков древних руин, 9 кусков колючки, 6 кусков шипов и 6 кусков хватай-травы).

“Deadly, menacing and bizarre, forest deathworlds are attritional battle zones. When a soldier fights on one, they have to withstand not only the vicious artillery of the foe, but the horrifying cluster-vines, crystal shards and strange relics add an extra layer of unimaginable danger. Shardwrack spines form impenetrable barriers over the millennia, barbed venomgorse and grapple weed snake insidiously toward any living being, pumping them full of debilitating neurotoxin and eldritch ruins resonate with the psychic energies of their long-passed creators. Where there grows a deathworld forest, nothing is safe.

The Death World Forest Killzone Environment is an expansion for Kill Team in the packed box, youll find a gameboard, scenery, and exclusive rules that use the unique nature of Death World Forest terrain to introduce dangerous new missions and powerful effects to your games. Included:

– A double-sided Kill Team gameboard measuring 22 x 30, printed on heavy, durable card stock. 1 side depicts a Death World Forest, and the other an overgrown Imperial Sector, an area of war-torn city;
– 12 Death World Forest Tactics cards these can be used by any Kill Team faction, with 8 cards providing interactions with the Death World Forest scenery and 5 being used specifically by Scout, Combat or Veteran Specialists;
– A Death World Forest Environment card, which provides 6 different rules allowing interaction positive and negative with the scenery;
– 4 Death World Forest Mission cards designed to be used in conjunction with the gameboard and scenery, this is a set of 2 Matched Play missions and 2 Narrative Play missions, which are split between attacker and defender;
– 3 sets of Death World Forest scenery 6 Eldritch Ruins, 9 sets of Barbed Venomgorse, 6 Shardwrack Spines and 6 pieces of Grapple Weed in total.”

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